Who we are?

Joseph & Benjamin is an innovative publisher of adult and children’s books which aims to raise the bar for critical reading. We appreciate we live in a constantly changing technological age and therefore we offer various reading materials to suit these advances. J&B was inspired by the story of Prophet Joseph and his brother Benjamin. With it, this story brings forth a great role model for children and adults alike, exploring the patience and wisdom of Joseph as he grew from a child into adulthood. Joseph persevered through the many difficulties in his life, whether these challenges came from his brothers or those in his community, and consequently portrayed great attributes we can take heed from today; one of them being his love for his brother, Benjamin. We take inspiration from these young men and hope our products capture the essence of inspiring people and bringing them together.

Our logo is also an extension from the story of Joseph; the Arabic letter ya is used to represent the Arabic name for Joseph, Yusuf. Combining both Arabic and English embodies our vision of uniting people, cultures and ideas through words, stories and images.

What do we provide?

We cater to different age groups to ensure all individuals are being intellectually engaged with the book or product they have selected. Our books vary from paper backs for adults through to board books for children and toddlers. Our online services include e-books, interactive & dynamic books and an extraordinary e-library.

The horizon of children’s entertainment is lined with new technological advances such as kindles and tablets, whereby books are fast being replaced with apps and games. With these devices being used by adults and children of all ages we feel it is vital to provide a range of products whereby children can access useful knowledge, books on Islamic and interactive stories, online. Our e-learning services are user-friendly and incorporate accessible knowledge with the modern age of technology. In particular we hope our faith based books help equip children with the essential knowledge of their faith as well as others.

We also hope our faith based services will re-connect our adult audience to their faith in a way they find to be engaging and contemporary.

We host a range of authors and illustrators from all over the world, and are firm believers of finding and showcasing the various talents our society holds.

Our e-learning services

E-books – Otherwise known as an electronic book, is an online version of a printed book and can be read on any e-reader or most smart phones, laptops, tablets and kindles. They are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and make accessing and purchasing books very easy. E-books are easily updated so you can ensure the book you are purchasing is the most up to date in information.

Interactive & dynamic books – A selection of our books and products which are unique in their ability to engage with readers; they incorporate modern technology with the ability to encourage participation and enthuse readers. Our books range from movable books (e.g. pop-up & pull-tabs) through to digitalised learning books. The digitalised learning books are a novel way of using sound effects and corresponding buttons to connect to our readers, especially when educating children.

E-library – An online collection of e-books, visual and audio material which allows easy retrieval of information. Our e-library is vast in size and contains a variety of products for our customers to browse through at their leisure. Our vast online database makes information more available, raises its quality, and increases its diversity.

Why Choose to Publish with Us?

• Share vision / aspiration
• Competitively priced
• Our reach: networks, products easily available and Comprehensive products/platforms
• Eye for quality – professionalism
• Credibility
• Technology – mindset – forward thinkers

Corporate responsibility

i) Community Talent
Our values stem from the story of Prophet Joseph and they include the need to help others and make a lasting impact on our community and those around us. For J&B, Corporate responsibility means creating opportunities for others and honing in on talents from all walks of life.

We will be hosting community (writing and drawing) competitions in order to find and celebrate the talented new writers our community has to offer. We hope to encourage the younger generation to pick up their literary tools and start getting creative, to produce a piece of work they can be extremely proud of. We aim to inspire, instil & encourage young children to explore literature & their own writing abilities.

ii) Book donations
Whilst we provide numerous books and services in the UK and abroad, we understand there remains many unfortunate individuals all over the globe who do not have this privilege. We want to change this; for every 1000 books we sell we will donate 30 books to less fortunate children all over the world via our charity partner(s). So when you purchase a book from us, you are giving someone, somewhere, the opportunity to share a story with you.