Conor Conor Ibrahiem
Beginning as a professional actor, Conor starred in programmes such as ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Coronation Street’, then started a second career as a scriptwriter alongside acting, leading up to working for a South Asian theatre company as the Creative Learning Officer, Arakan Creative. All the while he was becoming more devout to his faith and decided to garner all his skills and desire to give something back, the groundwork was laid to go beyond entertainment – to be an instigator of positive change. Equally, Arakan Creative works to redress the negativity that many Muslim characters face in film, TV and theatre productions. Arakan Creative recently produced its debut feature film, ‘Freesia’, which is the first UK film to address Islamophobia. He is soon to release a new comic book entitled ‘The Abrahamix’, featuring 3 Abrahamic superheroes (Muslim, Jewish and Christian) who collectively fight injustice.
Lubna Ahmed
Reporter, Lubna Ahmed, graduated in 2015 in Human Biology and Journalism and pursued a career in Scientific Journalism. Currently, she writes for a pharmaceutical news magazine and when she’s not doing that, you can either find her blogging, writing her own novels or taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything!
Nigel Twumasi Nigel Twumasi
Nigel Twumasi is the co-founder of Mayamada, a creative brand inspired by anime and manga. A Prince’s Trust supported company featured in Mashable, The Voice, London Live and more, mayamada is set in a unique universe of characters. Nigel and co-founder Lao write original manga-style comics, design casual clothing and host an exciting social gaming event GamePad.
Riza Mohammed
Dr Riza Mohammed is an Orthopaedic surgeon by profession. His edited and complied works include Lots to Do: An activity book for Muslim Children (1988), Journey Through Islam (2000), In the Early Hours by Khurram Murad (2000), Islam: The Way of Revival (2004). He has lectured extensively on the subject spiritual and self-development over the past 3 decades.
Maurice Mcleod Maurice Mcleod
Maurice Mcleod is director of Media Diversified, an independent content platform. He is social commentator writing mainly for the Guardian and the Spectator. He is also vice chair of social policy research organisation Race on the Agenda.